CUSTOMIZING YOUR LIFE-STORY VIDEO I will talk with you about your interests and what you want to include in the video. Together, we will find a theme and discuss the extent of the project. For instance, how many locations to film, or how many interviews, family get-togethers will be included? We will develop an outline of what you want in the video. There is no "cookie-cutter" package or production. Each personal documentary is unique and specifically tailored to your stories and interests. The goal is to make an interesting video that includes photographs and active scenes that are structured to help tell your story or stories—for instance, scenes at a favorite park or family gathering. In the sample personal documentary on this site, for instance, I traveled to eleven local locations to show important scenes from the subject's life. The theme of the video, told in five chapters, is her life as a writer. What theme could describe your life? This is not a hurried process. We will take time to make it feel right. PRICING Each personal life-story video is an individually customized and priced documentary package. It can include scenes shot on location, family photographs, clips from family movies, and interviews. It also includes posting your personal documentary for one year on the Vimeo MyLifeInStories website, as well as a flash drive with the HD video files of the final video, which you can use to have the video posted anywhere. DVDs (standard and/or Blu-Ray HD) are available. Prices vary, depending on time in production and length of the final video. I will give you a price quote after we discuss and agree upon the scope of the project. You can email me to set up a telephone conference to discuss your goals and questions. TRAVEL I am based in Boston, Massachusetts, and travel in the immediate area is included. Travel to film important scenes and people in your life at more distant locations is available at additional cost.
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